About Us

The Nuclear Waste Strategy Coalition (NWSC) is an ad hoc organization representing the collective interests of member state utility regulators, state consumer advocates, state radiation control officials, state energy officials, tribal governments, local governments, electric utilities, and other public and private sector experts on nuclear waste policy matters.

Operating Principles

Through the NWSC, members pool their resources to drive the U.S. civilian nuclear waste disposal program to a successful and responsible conclusion. Our success requires good communication and coordination among NWSC members. To this end, members:

  • Designate a contact person who will share NWSC information with others in their organization in a timely manner.
  • Devote resources to NWSC efforts, including membership, professional expertise and information.
  • Attend and participate in NWSC meetings.
  • Create committees or work groups as needed to carry out NWSC objectives.
  • Represent as NWSC policies and positions only those having the consent of the group.


The Coalition pools and shares information among its members on an on-going basis. Members make decisions on major policies, positions or tactics, typically at meetings of the full NWSC membership. In cases where timeliness precludes meetings, draft proposals are faxed to members requesting responses to guide an Executive Committee decision. The Executive Committee supervises the Coalition Executive Director. Members take initiatives to promote NWSC positions through letter writing, public speaking, and other opportunities as they occur. Although membership is presently comprised of state agencies, state attorneys general, nuclear electric utilities, and associate members, the Coalition works cooperatively with other organizations to further its goals.

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