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The NWSC is an ad hoc organization representing the collective interests of member state utility regulators, consumer advocates, attorneys general, and radiation control officials; tribal governments; local governments; electric utilities with operating and/or shutdown nuclear reactors; and other experts on nuclear waste policy matters.  For over two decades, we have called for DOE to remove and ultimately dispose of commercial nuclear waste in accordance with federal law and contracts with electric utilities.


  • To ensure the timely, safe, and cost-effective removal, transport, storage, and permanent disposal of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and reactor-related Greater-Than-Class C (GTCC) waste stranded at numerous operating and shutdown commercial reactor sites in our states and communities; and
  • To ensure sustainable access to the entirety of the Nuclear Waste Fund (NWF)—both the substantial payments by electric customers and accrued interest—for its intended purpose under the Nuclear Waste Policy Act (NWPA).


Without a physical presence in Washington, DC, the member-driven NWSC provides an important voice in the nuclear waste policy debate and adds value by:

  • Developing strong, cohesive messages on behalf of a diverse, bipartisan, and credible coalition of public and private stakeholders;
  • Communicating those messages to Congress, federal agencies, stakeholders, and the media;
  • Informing members about relevant issues and events and providing an opportunity for timely and effective input; and
  • Coordinating with other key stakeholder organizations on issues of mutual interest.

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