NWSC Letter Expressing Concerns with DOE Assessment

NWSC Letter to DOE re Assessment

Excerpt from the letter: The Nuclear Waste Strategy Coalition (NWSC) writes to relay serious concerns with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) recently released “Assessment of Disposal Options for DOE-Managed High-Level Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel” (October 2014). We note with disappointment that DOE requested no stakeholder input on the report. However, we find it […]

Memo to Congressional Offices on April 29, 2014

The federal government should act now to meet its obligation to promptly remove used nuclear fuel from existing and decommissioned reactor sites in our states.  Electric consumers have paid in excess of $38 billion (including interest) and contribute approximately $750 million annually into the Nuclear Waste Fund.  Consumers have dutifully met their legal obligation over […]